Services + Applications

Dustless Blasting

Our versatile on-site and in-shop blasting equipment is engineered with industry-leading compressors, blast pots, and all of the options to blast better — no matter your blasting needs.

  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE. Powerful enough to blast through steel and gentle enough to use on priceless antiques.
  • THE TRIFECTA. Soda blasting, dry blasting, and wet blasting ... all of the options to get the job done right.
  • DUSTLESS FUNCTIONALITY. Reduce airborne dust for easy cleanup and help stay in compliance with OSHA, EPA, and DEQ regulations.

Auto Restoration

Stop sanding, scraping, and grinding.

There's a better way to strip a car. 

When you’re restoring a classic car, or bringing an antique back to life, you don’t want all your hard work to be ruined by a shoddy looking paint job. The most important part of your paint job actually happens before you even start painting. Below are 3 key steps to a paint job that looks great, and lasts a long time:

  1. Clean the surface.
  2. Kill the rust.
  3. Profile the metal.

Graffiti Removal

It's the fastest way to restore surfaces to their intended beauty.

Works on antique brick and soft wood and more!

A better option: Dustless Blasting vs. Power Washing.

Power washing will remove light staining, but won't effectively remove coatings such as paint, rust, or Bondo. 

With dustless blasting, there's a blast abrasive in the process. Using about 90 psi compared to 2600+ psi power washers, the abrasive does most of the work.

Marine Maintenance

With dust suppressed, only simple containment is required to keep the air and water pollutant-free.

Remove antifouling paint, marine growth, and more.

Our system is perfect for use in marinas which have stringent environmental restrictions:

  • Since the water in the our dustless blaster suppresses airborne dust, it drastically reduces air contamination.
  • Since the abrasive and paint that gets stripped falls straight to the ground, proper disposal becomes easy. 

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

For industrial strength coatings, we have the world's most powerful tool for restoration.

  • Powerful Cleaning. A powerful mixture of water and abrasive obliterates industrial-strength coatings with ease.
  • Less Downtime. The fast process with minimal cleanup gets you back up and running in no time compared to other methods.
  • Repair. Don't Replace. By removing rust and other contaminants, you’ll extend the lifespan of your machinery and see better performance.
  • Variety of Abrasives. Blast wet or dry with a variety of abrasives, including glass bead, coal slag, garnet, dry ice, and more.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete. Stone. Brick.

Powerful removal. OSHA-recommended.

  • Safe on Soft Substrates. Pressure and flow are easily adjustable, for cleaning a variety of surfaces including antique brick.
  • Eco-Friendly Blast Media. Recycled glass media ensures that you won't harm nearby plant life and will comply with governmental regulations.
  • OSHA-Recommended. Wet blasting is recommended by OSHA to protect workers from potentially hazardous airborne particles.
  • Strip Any Coating. Paint, stain, sealer, grime, graffiti, line stripes, calcium or oil stains, mildew and more.

Wood Restoration

Remove old coatings (paint and stain) and weathering without damage. And even erase fire damage.

  • Gentle Restoration. We can adjust the blast pressure to suit any surface, even antique wood.
  • Wet or Dry Blast. Choose from a wide variety of blast abrasives, including soda and organics.
  • Blast Indoors. With dust suppressed, we can work in residential areas. Even indoors.

Fleet Vehicle Cleaning

Remove old paint and graphics without warping panels.

  • No Warping. The water in our process reduces friction and heat, which can cause warping with other methods.
  • Reach Nooks + Crannies. Blast around rivets and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Easy Containment. Water suppresses the dust plume, making containment and cleanup simple.
  • Quick + Complete. Remove old paint and decals from fleet vehicles and keep up with their constantly-updating graphics.

Restoration/renovation of weathered cedar board.

Dry Ice Blasting

Most commonly used for industrial and commercial applications.

This versatile, non-destructive cleaning media can be used on nearly any surface for:

  • Cleaning and surface prep.
  • Removing grease, oil, dirt, dust, adhesives, paints, rust, food residue, bacteria, tar, soot, greasy smoke residue, mold, ink, paper dust, resin, and more.

Compared to other media blasting methods, dry ice blasting does not create secondary waste, or chemical residues, since dry ice converts back to a gaseous state when it hits the surface that is being cleaned.

And dry ice blasting does not require cleanup of a blasting medium. The waste products, which includes just the dislodged media, can be swept up, vacuumed or washed away depending on the containment.